About us


E take ownership of our projects

without forgetting our goal of zero accidents and no negative environmental impact .

We establish long-term partnerships and distribution

agreement to develop efficient solutions for global manufacturers of equipment, materials and elements of connectivity.
We are a highly specialized team, with over 20 year of experience
In integrated and consolidated management processes.
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About us?

We are an engineering projects company with more than 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Security, and Telecommunications sectors. At Mantel Ltda., We have a team of professionals who over the years have demonstrated their passion for generating solutions with efficiency, curiosity, and creativity. We focus on discovering the tools and learning of how to use them; which allows us to be prepared for any challenge that project execution requires. Nothing prevents us from moving forward while maintaining good practices, continuous improvement and full compliance with national and international standards.

In Mantel Ltda. It is imperative to maintain the confidence of our clients to become strategic partners and be able to support them in the management of projects aimed at achieving their goals and value generation for their assets. We can be adaptable, resourceful, respectful, and work decisively with others, assuming personal and collective responsibility; As a matter of principle, we cultivate a culture of
safety and environment responsibility.


At Mantel Ltda., we guarantee client satisfaction by providing specialized telecommunications engineering services, with qualified personnel, high-quality engineering, and state-of-the-art technology; while providing our shareholder with growing and sustainable profitability; and our human team,the improvement of their quality of life and, opportunities for professional growth.

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Mantel Ltda., will be positioned by 2021 in national and international markets as a provider of engineering services, specialized in telecommunications, through the application of best industry practices to ensure customer satisfaction, sustainability, corporate image, environmental responsibility and welfare of the stakeholders.

Integrated Policy

Mantel Ltda., through continuous improvement, is committed to the satisfaction of its customers by providing specialized telecommunications engineering services, with highly qualified personnel. Mantel Ltda. is also responsible for the management and control of its ecosystem impacts and preservation of; the safety and health of its human talent by
providing safe workplaces and a healthy and harmonious climate that minimizes workplace accidents, occupational diseases, and property damages.

Mantel Ltda., in compliance with legal requirements applicable to the company, allocates resources and staffing to maintain its Integrated Management System, which contributes to business sustainability and a positive, environment for stakeholders.

Política Integral
Política Integral
Política Integral

SGI Objectives

  •    Improve customer satisfaction providing optimal delivery times and, integral solutions in Telecommunications, Electrical, Civil and Electronic Engineering.
  •    Develop human talent through motivation and training, maintaining healthy and safe working environments, and implementing management programs that guarantee the prevention, mitigation, and control of work accidents and occupational diseases.
  •    Grow profitably by increasing the value of the company as well as, guaranteeing health and safety conditions at work and in the surrounding environment.
  •    Analyze health and work conditions in the company and promote improved wellness through preventive campaigns of comprehensive care for all interested parties.
  •    Comply with the legal and customer requirements, applicable to the organization.
  •    Measure Mantel Ltd’s ability to maintain business sustainability relative to the impact of the activities carried out by the company.

Business values


Feelings of respect and faithfulnes to the moral principles and commitments established by the organization.

Confidentiality and professional ethics, both to the organization and the client.

Know how to respond to multiple and diverse circumstances.

A positive and responsible attitude for the achievement of business goals.

The ability to accept the different criteria and attitudes within the philosophy of the

The ability to work together to achieve a common goal.

The commitment to obtain and maintain the knowledge and skills required in a specific field and its use for the fulfillment of work objectives.

The inner drive and enthusiasm to achieve an objective.

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